Echo Zulu Castle Nut Armorer’s Kit


Stake your AR’s castle nuts faster & more consistently with Tango Uniform’s new Echo Zulu Castle Nut System.

This Armorer’s Kit Includes: one EZ castle nut, a steel armorer’s wrench, a bi-directional staking guide, and a spring loaded, straight-wall center punch.

The patent pending EZ castle nut is made from premium 4140 PH alloy steel and finished in long duration, diamond hard black nitride. It was precision machined on a modern Swiss CNC lathe, to tolerances that meet or exceed the mil-spec TDP, including true class 3 threads. The EZ castle nut features eight co-linear wrench & staking notches, allowing for easier visual alignment, and multiple staking locations with even the largest end plates.

The Armorer's Wrench is precision machined from 4140 alloy steel, heat treated to over 50 Rc, and finished in black oxide to preserve that hardness. This premium tool features a 1/2-inch square drive socket with the same center-to-center distance as a USGI castle nut wrench, so your favorite torque wrench will apply the proper 38-42 FT# when torquing down castle nuts.

The bi-directional staking guide is injection molded from premium glass-filled nylon for enhanced durability. Its small, symmetrical design allows it to index around most QD end plate designs.

The included premium spring loaded center punch features a large, injection molded comfort grip and the knurl textured body has a chrome plated finish for a long-life. The staking punch has a straight-wall design so it won’t tilt inside a precision staking guide. The punch is made from 17-4 stainless steel and finished in long duration, diamond hard black nitride.

The straight-wall staking punch and precision staking guide work in tandem with the unique EZ castle nut design, allowing for strong, consistent staking with minimal risk of damaging other components.

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