There are multiple utility & design patents pending on the following items:
EZCN-CN – Echo Zulu Castle Nut
EZCN-AW – Echo Zulu Armorer’s Wrench
EZCN-BST – Echo Zulu Bi-Directional Staking Tool

Manufacturers interested in the fastest, safest, and most consistent way to properly install a castle nut on your rifles please contact us for OEM pricing.

Tango Uniform owner Aaron Neal Trout is a firearms designer & consultant with over a decade of experience and 25 firearms related patents awarded to him, with many more pending.

His consulting business, Disruptive Machine LLC, assists clients in all stages of new product development:

  • Creating innovative designs through R&D, advanced CAD work, and rapid prototyping.
  • Rigorous testing & evaluation of prototypes & manufacturing processes.
  • Seeking, securing, and protecting intellectual property through patents.
  • Planning, staging, and executing sales and marketing campaigns.

For more information he can be reached at